What is a Parliamentarian

A parliamentarian is a professional consultant who advises the leaders , members, committees and/or the staff of any organization which governs itself via consensus or majority rule. Typically the bylaws of most organizations which govern themselves by consensus stipulate Robert’s Rules of Order, Newly Revised as their parliamentary authority. A parliamentarian helps those organizations to comply with all of its governing documents (including bylaws, constitutions, etc.) and equally as important to interpret and follow the rules and principles contained in Robert’s Rules.

Debbie Laury is a Licensed Parliamentarian and a member of the National Association of Parliamentarian. As such she can help your organization to run itself far more productively through proper adherence to your bylaws as well as by the effective utilization of Robert’s Rules of Order in your organization’s deliberations and decision-making.


Drafting & Interpreting

A parliamentarian can assist an organization in the drafting and interpretation of its constitution and bylaws working either independently or with the help and advice of legal counsel in the drafting of such documents. Once the governing documents have been created, a parliamentarian can continue to work cooperatively with the organization’s leaders and/or its legal counsel, to insure that the organization is functioning in compliance with its own bylaws as well as with any State or Federal statutes that also may be applicable to the organization.


At any meeting a parliamentarian can function as a resource to the chair, to assist the chair in the proper conduct of the meeting and/or with the interpretation of any of the organization’s rules or regulations . Typically, the parliamentarian sits adjacent to the chair and gives unobtrusive advice and counsel to the chair when asked to so. The chair can and should consult with the parliamentarian when he or she is not certain on how to rule on a specific question or rule.


A parliamentarian can provide training to newly-appointed officers and/or current or new members of any organization to help all of them to understand and abide by both Robert’s Rules and the organization’s other governing documents.


When does an organization need a parliamentarian?

A parliamentarian can help a chairman and/or an organization to  anticipate and cope with conflict or problems that might occur  during discussions or debate about controversial or complex issues. A parliamentarian can also help the chair to interpret and follow the organization’s governing documents and he or she can help the chair to work through situations where the organization’s bylaws seem to be silent or insufficient to resolve critical questions of procedure or decision-making.

Are you interested in learning more about parliamentary procedure?

If you are interested in learning more about parliamentary procedure or perhaps becoming a parliamentarian there is valuable information concerning this subject on both the National Association of Parliamentarians website or the Robert McConnell Productions website Parli.com . In order to become a member of the National Association of Parliamentarians, you must pass an exam demonstrating that you have secured a basic understanding of the material contained in Robert’s Rules. Alternatively, if you believe that you have a more advanced grasp of parliamentary procedure you can register and take the exam on the Robert McConnell Productions website in order to become a Licensed Parliamentarian.

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